The course

SCIPY is an intensive 2 day exam preparation course that takes place in the week prior to the OSCE/SOE exam week. The main focus of the course is exam technique to maximize the marks you get for the knowledge you already have. The reason for this is clear. We all know candidates who should have passed because of the depth of knowledge they have, but failed because of poor technique.

Day 1 is a series of tutorials and demonstrations aimed at commonly occurring topics. Day 2 is a mock exam day where conditions are as close to the actual exam as possible. Each candidate will face the equivalent of 2 full OSCE exams and 2 full SOEs of both Clinical/Physics and Pharmacology/Physiology. Candidates will also observe a further 2 full SOEs.

Any member of the Faculty can be approached at any time. They will be available during lunch, coffee-breaks and at the close of each day for feedback and advice. They will be approachable and can help with any difficulties encountered on any section of the course.