We ask that all candidates provide us with feedback on our performance during the course. We also want to know about candidate success at the exam and to pass on the content of their exam so that we can keep the course up to date. If we are not performing adequately we need to know as soon as possible as this will enable us to continually improve.

We will ask for exam feedback electronically via a special link sent to candidates after the course. Each candidate that fully completes the feedback will be entered into a draw and one lucky person will receive a monetary prize as an incentive.

Past candidate feedback on the SCIPY course:

''Excellent organisation - enthusiastic faculty - top-level practice for real thing''

''Very close to the real thing, gives you a feel for what it will be like and how questions will be asked."

''awesome - such good practice under very lifelike conditions''

"The idea of arriving in exam-day dress and formalising as much as possible is a masterstroke"

"To complete TWO full sets of SOE and [two] 16- station OSCE is a real accomplishment by the faculty and much appreciated by me as a candidate (especially a week before the real thing) - so sincere thanks''

"After SCIPY I believed I can do this!"